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Who said the NBA was boring? – Analyzed SportsAnalyzed Sports

April 27, 2014Basketballphoto via-chicagonow

photo via-chicagonow

April 27, 2014 Louisville,KY

Talking sports is something I do with a passion daily.  One of the statements that comes up every year from multiple people is the talk of being able to watch the National Basketball Association (NBA). I hear the statements of “I can’t watch the NBA because it’s boring”, or “Who wants to watch a bunch of millionaire crybabies whining on the basketball court”  These conversations have taken place in my hometown of Louisville, KY which doesn’t have any professional franchises in the city. Although I believe this is not the opinion of the entire city, there are many people who share this same view of not watching the NBA because they feel it’s boring.  The NBA shouldn’t be put in the group of sports such as Nascar, Golf, Baseball, AND Hockey.  These are in my opinion boring sports to watch.  Maybe they’re better to watch in attendance, but as far as watching on television I would rather watch paint dry than waste my time watching these particular sports.  Some people won’t watch because they feel the players in the NBA don’t play every possession similar to what they may see at the college level.   This may be true in the first half of the season, but the key to watching the first half of the season is to pay attention to the Big Games only.  After All-Star break as the teams positions themselves for the playoffs, this is another exciting time to tune into the NBA. Which leads to this year’s playoffs.  Has anyone with these views tuned into the 2014 NBA Playoffs? I don’t think so, because if they did their whole perception may change of how they view these games.  They would see some of the most skilled basketball players in the world playing with passion, diving on the floor for loose balls, and playing on every single possession.  They would see Kevin Durant fading in the corner for three AND 1, while watching OKC VS Memphis battle in 3 consecutive overtime games. They would see atmosphere’s in the arenas that would match many passionate college arenas across the country. They would see a Young John Wall growing as point guard before our eyes, while watching his Washington Wizards lead a playoff series over the Chicago Bulls for the first time since 1982.  They would see The 1 seed in the West (Spurs) and the 1 seed in the East (Pacers) struggle with the 8 seeded Hawks, and Mavericks.  They would see Kings James and the Miami Heat in control of their series on a quest to have a chance at a 3 peat. They would see 10,000 fans in Toronto watching the Raptors play from outside of  Air Canada Centre.  They would see LaMarcus Aldridge’s back to back 40 points games give his Portland Trailblazer’s a 2-1 series lead over Dwight Howard’s Houston Rockets.  And Last but not least they will see if the L.A. Clippers will be able to stay in control  over the Golden State Warriors after the racist comments made from their owner Donald Sterling in an audio released recently of a conversation between he and his girlfriend.  The NBA looks like the day’s of old when Bird, Magic, Jordan, and Thomas played.  The NBA is back, and the one thing it’s not is BORING! Leave your opinion in the comment section below. 

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