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Who should the Cowboys take with the 4th Pick? – Analyzed SportsAnalyzed Sports

January 5, 2016Football


January 5, 2015 Louisville, KY. (Analyzed Sports)

Who should the Cowboys take with the 4th Pick?

As bad as the Dallas Cowboys were this season finishing 4-12, they did have something positive come out of the terrible season receiving the overall 4th pick of the 2016 NFL Draft. The 4th pick is the highest pick since the Cowboys selected Russell Maryland 25 years ago in 1991.  The number 1 question for Cowboys fans across the country is,  who should the Cowboys take with the 4th pick of the NFL draft this spring?


Quarterback: With Tony Romo missing the majority of the season with two broken clavicle’s (shoulder) the Dallas Cowboys learned the hard way this season what it’s like to play without their leader.  Brandon Weeden, Matt Cassell and even Kellen Moore had a chance to make a statement as the Dallas Cowboys primary backup for next season, but they could only muster up one win after Romo went down to injury.  Should the Cowboys take a quarterback with the 4th overall pick?  The last time Dallas selected a QB in the first round they went on to win 3 Super Bowls in 4 years.  Troy Aikman was the last quarterback the Cowboys selected with a first round pick.  Right now Memphis QB Paxton Lynch, and California’s QB Jared Goff are the only two quarterbacks drawing top first round consideration right now.  Connor Cook could fall to the second round, or the Cowboys could add RGIII or Johnny Manziel in the off-season if they don’t want to spend their pick on a QB in the first round.Linebacker:  Anytime Sean Lee or Rolando McClain went out of the game to injury the Dallas Cowboys suffered tremendously in the Linebacker department. When healthy, Sean Lee is more than capable of being the All-Pro player that he has been in the past, but the key to Lee is can he stay healthy.  If it wasn’t a concussion, Lee was kept out at the end of the season due to hamstring issues. Can the Dallas Cowboys trust Lee for next season?  Should Jason Garrett and the Cowboys organization get a talented Linebacker in the draft such as a Jaylon Smith out of Notre Dame? Remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure they need to look at adding depth at the position.Wide Receiver: Dez Bryant was not healthy the entire season after injuring his fifth metatarsal (foot)  in the first game of the season against the New York Giants.  Before Bryant’s return in Week 8 of the NFL season against Seattle, Terrence Williams had a chance to step up to show he was a number 1 WR in Dez’s absence.  Williams had a mediocrity season with 52 catches for 840 yards and only 3 TD’s.  Should the Cowboys consider outstanding Ole Miss Junior Laquon Treadwell?  The 6’2 210 pound WR had 82 catches for 1,153 yards and 11 TD’s in the tough South Eastern Conference.  Adding another talented receiver could possibly light a fire under Terrance Williams, especially if he feels he could be replaced in the future.


Comment below Cowboysnation!  Who should the Dallas Cowboys select with the 4th pick of the 2016 NFL Draft?


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